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Image by Joanna Kosinska

SINCE 1985

Heather Child Care Essentials is a division of Heather Child Care Supplies that was founded in May 1985. Mrs. Hassina Heather (the president of the company) has been serving the day care industry for over 37 years. She was inspired after visiting a trade show on outdoor equipment and toys. Her idea was to manufacture a product that was urgently needed for toddler and preschool use. With a bolt of material, some thread, and the spirit to change life for herself and her children, she made the first cot sheet for the daycare market. She then did a hand drawn half-page advertisement titled "Cot Sheets Sale" and mailed a modest amount to centers in the area.

Since then the company has grown to serve customers all over Canada and beyond, but has kept its focus on its top priority - the customer.

Image by Shwetangi Gupta
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